After India defeat I lost my sleep, few ‘hairs’ on my head,says Mickey Arthur

By: KSW Staff

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Pakistan Cricket team coach Mickey Arthur has said that after Pakistan’s crucial ICC Cricket World Cup defeat team was hit hard and they could feel it.

Talking to ICC official just before the match against South Africa at Lords Mickey Arthur revealed that the defeat to India hit all of Pakistan team.

“It hit us hard, hit all of us. I lost sleep, bit hair on my head. But we are upto face the challenge. It is about how this class 2019 Pakistani cricketers would be remembered. It is about how this team that featured in ICC Cricket World cup 2019 would be remembered.  So we are up for the challenge and we will give our best,” Mickey said.

Talking about the Babar Azam, he termed Pakistan youngsters a perfectionist who is unbelievable and incredibly hungry in his quest to be best.

“Babar Azam, he is unbelievable, incredibly hungry in his quest to be best. You see him batting and even when he hits bad shot, his body language gives it other way. He is perfectionist, artist, a surgeon when he goes their batting,” Arthur said.

“I just want to see him turning those good innings into match winning performances for us. Because then he will be remembered as great. I want to see him dominate, winning games. Everytime he goes their I push him because I know he can win games for us,” he added.