Amid war hysteria a beautiful moment between 2 India-Pakistan cricket legends

By KSW Staff

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Yuvraj Singh and Shahid Afridi greet each other during GT20 Canada. Pic GT20 Canada Twitter

While the Kashmir is in chaos amid the War hysteria and the border is tense with both India and Pakistan armies shelling each other there a beautiful moment at display during T20 Canada event.

There is huge tension going at India-Pakistan borders amid the war hysteria in Kashmir. Far away from the war mongering a beautiful moment of love and respect between two cricket legends of both Countries was witnessed in Canada.

It is match between Brampton Wolves and Toronto National on the ninth day of Global T20 Canada in Toronto.

That means it is match between two legends of India and Pakistan. Former Pakistan skipper Shahid Afridi plays for Brampton while as Team India legend Yuvraj Singh plays for Toronto National.

Before the start of the match both the cricket legends met and shook hands with each other. They exchanged pleasentaries and showed mutual respect for eachother.

It was moment of hope and joy amid the war mongering going on in both Countries in which people of Kashmir are worst. Such a moment gives hope that humanity exists and we can do better then this.