‘As elderly are more vulnerable to coronavirus, Multans should take the PSL trophy’: Ravi Bopara

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PIC: ESPNCricinfo

Srinagar: As Pakistan Super League was called off earlier today amid coronavirus outbreak with only knockouts to be played, Ravi Bopara, joining Shahid Afridi, in a fun tweet suggested Multans should be given the trophy, considering the more number of elderly players in the team.

Afridi also earlier while complementing his team Multan Sultans, who have made it to the semi-finals of the tournament, asserted they should get the title if rest of the league doesn’t take place.

Joining him, teammate Bopara also came with a Tweet, saying, “As the elderly are more vulnerable to the Coronavirus it’s only fair the oldest average age team in the @thePSLt20 take the trophy. #PSL5@MultanSultans