Bangladesh only Country where Team India gets no support:Rohit Sharma

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In International cricket Team India is force to reckon with and they have got huge fan base across the globe. Wherever India goes they get huge support while playing except one place and surprisingly that is Bangladesh according to India opener Rohit Sharma.

This was revealed by Rohit in an Instagram. Live chat with Bangladesh opener Tamim Iqbal.

“India and Bangladesh have passionate cricket fans, when we make mistakes, we are criticised from all corners, I know it is similar in Bangladesh, I know how passionate fans can get in Bangladesh, when we come to the ground to play the match, it is unbelievable. India is not used to playing without any sort of crowd support, Bangladesh is the only place where we do not get any support,” Rohit said.

“We get support wherever we go, Bangladesh is the only place where we do not get any support. I know Bangladesh fans really get behind you, this is a totally different Bangladesh side now, you have a sense of eagerness in your team now, everybody says that, we have seen with your performances during the 2019 World Cup as well,” he added.