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‘Call me Babar Azam not Virat Kohli’, says Haider Ali

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Srinagar: Pakistan’s young cricketer Haider Ali has said that he wants people to call him Babar Azam and not Virat Kohli.

Haider, who was a major attraction of this year’s Pakistan Super League with his flamboyant batting display, said that he is eager to improve himself and get called Babar Azam not Virat Kohli.

“A batsman can never become like his role models, but can improve himself and develop shots like they play. I want to improve myself to the extent that people call me Babar Azam and not Kohli because Babar has good shots,” Haider said in a video on YouTube as quoted by Cricket Pakistan, CricTracker reported.

Haider also desires to learn from Kohli, “I cannot become Kohli but can develop shots like him through practice. I’m Haider Ali so I can only become Haider Ali,” he said.

Recently, celebrated Pakistan commentator, Ramiz Raja had suggested Haider to learn from Azam and Kohli in order to climb the ladder of success.