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Check Out:No J&K footballer in India Super League

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In the recently concluded Indian Super League (ISL) football event there was not a single player from J&K.

Football website published the statewise breakdown of Indian players in the cash rich football league and after checking the squads of all the 10 franchisees it has is noticed that not a single footballer from J&K is in the league.

While Indian Premier League (IPL) cricket event usually every year now has got one or two players from J&K, football for which J&K was known is missing such courtesy. Another point that would be raised here is that in I-League there are J&K players, but that is only due to Real Kashmir FC being a Kashmir based side.

This is putting serious question mark on the working of J&K Football Association and also on all those coaches who remain in limelight for being top football coaches. Whether it is JKFA, Coaches or our those former stars who have played in these league, thy all are collectively responsible for the decline of football and not any one can escape the blame.

One has to give serious thought on the decline and put in place a concreate roadmap to boost it. Their words and seminars would not help while as all those concerned need to work on ground. Even JKFA which is main body in all this owing to being governing body has to get up and do its job and not politics.

#1 FC Goa (18 Indian players)

Manipur (4), Punjab (2), Mizoram (1), Meghalaya (1), Maharashtra (2), Goa (8)

#2 ATK (18 Indian players)

West Bengal (6), Punjab (2), Kerala (2), Tamil Nadu (2), Manipur (2), Mizoram (1), Uttar Pradesh (1), Maharashtra (1), Sikkim (1).

#3 Bengaluru FC (18 Indian players)

Punjab (4), Kerala (3), West Bengal (1), Mizoram (1) Meghalaya (1), Manipur (3), Maharashtra (3), Uttar Pradesh (1), Delhi (1)

#4 Chennaiyin FC (17 Indian players)

Himachal Pradesh (1), Mizoram (5), Manipur (3), Tamil Nadu (2), West Bengal (2), Punjab (3), Uttarakhand (1)

#5 Mumbai City FC (18 Indian players)

Maharashtra (4), West Bengal (4), Manipur (3), Mizoram (1), Uttar Pradesh (1), Goa (2), Assam (1), Karnataka (1), Punjab (1)

#6 Odisha FC (18 Indian players)

Mizoram (6), Odisha (2), West Bengal (3), Punjab (3), Assam (2), Tamil Nadu (1), Goa (1)

#7 Kerala Blasters (18 Indian players)

Kerala (6), Mizoram (2), Manipur (4), Maharashtra (2), Meghalaya (1), Assam (1), Uttar Pradesh (1), Goa (1)

#8 Jamshedpur FC (18 Indian players)

West Bengal (3), Jharkhand (3), Punjab (3), Goa (1), Mizoram (1), Maharashtra (3), Sikkim (2), Manipur (1), Kerala (1)

#9 NorthEast United FC (18 Indian players)

Manipur (4), Assam (3), Mizoram (3), West Bengal (3), Sikkim (1), Punjab (1), Meghalaya (2), Goa (1)

#10 Hyderabad FC (19 Indian players)

Punjab (3), Goa (4), West Bengal (2), Mizoram (1), Manipur (2), Maharashtra (2), Karnataka (1), Kerala (1), Uttarakhand (1), Delhi (1), Sikkim (1)