Despite COVID-19 & Schools closed DYSS readies for mega sports activity in J&K

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Despite COVID-19, Schools closed DYSS readies for mega sports activity. Order Copy.

Srinagar, Aug 21: In a bizzare but true, despite rising number of COVID-19 cases in entire J&K and schools closed in order to protect students and stop spread, Department of Youth Services and Sports (DYSS) that look after sports activity at school is gearing up for resumption of sports activities across J&K.

Despite no need for the resumption of activities with schools closed and no major sports activity going to happen at National level, DYSS J&K is set to conduct mega sports activities from August 27.

Despite COVID-19, Schools closed DYSS readies for mega sports activity in J&K. Order Copy

In that regard District level offices of DYSS have issued multiple orders and calender of activities at district level. They have ordered zonal incharges to start preperation for the conduct of Inter school District level activities.

The order sounds bizzare as the activities of DYSS are school based and school in J&K like rest of Country have been closed since March. With schools closed it is to be looked into how does DYSS manages to bring in students for the activities. And whether parents will risk to allow thier children’s to take part in such activities amid the risk of getting COVID-19.

All across Country there has been total stop on sports activities and it looks absurd to see DYSS J&K in hurry to resume activities.

Despite COVID-19, Schools closed DYSS readies for mega sports activity in J&K. Order Copy

“If there is no risk of virus now then why are schools still closed. First open school then think of resuming sports activities for our children’s . I will not allow my child to take part in any such activity bit their are many who will allow on the instance of sports teachers of their schools, ” Said a parent.

A known sports administrator well versed with functioning of DYSS said that it is impossible for DYSS to follow all SOP’s during these events.

“It is nonsense and totally illogical decision taken by DYSS. Virus is still there and that is the reason schools are closed. Even for sports events no gathering has been allowed. No events have been allowed and only training is allowed, ” He said.

“Those who know how DYSS conduct its activity can asume how much SOP’s they will follow. They don’t have any system and there events lack every facility. If one asume they will follow SOP’s and will not put risk of our youth at risk, will not help in spread of virus then they dont know anything about DYSS, ” He added.