Despite proof, JKCA includes an overage player in U-14 squad

By: Hinan Bhat

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In an another eyebrow-raising move, Jammu and Kashmir Association (JKCA) has included an overage player in the state U-14 team, despite bone test results having proved his age over 14 years.

This Jammu-based player is reportedly son of a former cricketer, which is believed to be the reason behind this major amiss step.

The bone test result accessed by KSW shows his age 13.4 in 2016-17 season, signifying his current age as 15.4, which is one year ahead of the age-limit for playing in U-14 category.

His inclusion in the team has brought whole age-refining system of JKCA under scanner as it unveils the loopholes that exist in the management.

“It’s absolutely disgusting. Despite it’s clearly shown in the bone test results that this guy is over 14 years of age, how come JKCA included him in the team,” an ex-official said.

“If this can happen with one player, there could be plenty others as well. But perhaps, there is nobody to look after it,” He added.