Do JKCA follow merit in appointment of Coaches, Physios and Managers?

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While everyone talks about J&K Cricket Associations teams that it field in various competitions for the national events, no one raises a question about appointment of coaches, physios, managers and various other supporting staff in teams.

JKCA each year field various junior and senior trams in national events conducted by BCCI. While players are selected after selection trials, there is pick and chose policy for the support staff.

The senior cricket team support staff remains in limelight and for some extent remain under radar most of the time. It is the other team, support staff that is being appointed by JKCA without any scrutiny. It is all about JKCA who they want and who they don’t want. There is no criteria filled and it is all politics. Previous regimes chose support on the basis of club politics while this current regime is not doing anything different.

One the physiotherapist aspirant of Under-23 team said that JKCA is engaging physios on the basis of personnel relations not on the basis of experience and qualifications. He said it also employs those persons who do Government jobs.

It is not only Physio’s but there is also same practice being employed coaches and managers . Also the selection panel for junior teams has been same for all and they have done something’s while choosing teams that even brought JKCA in shame.

For JKCA it is time to come clean and employ transparent policy while doing such things.