Exhibition Match:Sports Council forgets invitation to No.1 team of J&K,Real Kashmir FC

By: KSW Staff

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Real Kashmir FC. Pic KSW

While there is lot of talk about the manner in which the exhibition match for the inauguration of Floodlights is being held by J&K State Sports Council, it has come to notice that that they have even forgot to invite Number one team of State Real Kashmir for the match.

Real Kashmir is only I-League club of State and made waves in national football arena in its debut season. They not only made name for themselves in National arena but are now known all across the World. In only two years of its existence Real Kashmir has turned into a brand known at highest levels of football circuit.

However, they may have created waves all ever , but not at home with J&K State Sports Council which is spending Rs 30 lakhs for the inauguration of the lights have forgot to invite the team.

It is common thinking in football circles of J&K that instead of having invited retired footballers from different parts of Country for inauguration, Sports Council should have made Real Kashmir to take on J&K Xi and it wouldn’t have cost anything to State exchequer.

But forgot making them the team to beat, Sports Council has even forgot to invite the current number one team of State Real Kashmir for witnessing the match. “It is disgrace that Real Kashmir is not part of the match and they have not been even invited. They have got huge fan base and are popular even in India. But here our Sports Council that is busy in minting money from State exchequer has not even invited them,” said a football fan.