‘Flopshow’ Manhas trying to hijack JK Ranji team

Mohsin Kamal


#MithunManhas- the guy who spent his prime while representing Delhi, when asked by J&K earlier to join team, he completely refused to play for a m...

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#MithunManhas- the guy who spent his prime while representing Delhi, when asked by J&K earlier to join team, he completely refused to play for a minnow state.

But when he expired and was kicked out by Delhi, he came and joined J&K as captain cum coach.Manhas

He replaced #ParveezRasool as captain of J&K- the guy who uplifted J&K cricket and had made a team that surprised everyone with their performance.

It was under his captaincy, when J&K qualified for Quarters in Ranji, defeated Mumbai in Mumbai and what not.

Everything was going right for J&K as they bounced from Group C to Group A.

But suddenly, #JKCA introduced this flop show- the great Manhas. As he joined team, suddenly all the combination that was made after some enormous hard work broke and team again went to where it was- even worse.

Now after he completely failed to do justice with his job of captainship as well as coaching, he is trying to highjack J&K team and work as a dictator.

As he wanted to play this year again to complete his 10-thousand milestone (that too he would have not as he scores in single digits mostly) but he was dropped as player by JKCA.

He couldn’t digest this and is trying to destroy J&K team now.

Yesterday when team was announced by JKCA, without any surprise- they had appointed #ParveezRasool as captain but now this guy- #MithunManhas is demanding his removal and have said only then he will coach J&K team.

It’s high time for J&K to throw this flop show out but instead they have almost replaced Parveez Rasool as captain.

This is completely unacceptable move.

Removing someone who has already sacrificed a lot for his State but in turn he is receiving snubs like these.

Shame word is too little for this flop guy (Manhas) as well as JKCA.



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    Gulzar A Bhat 10 months

    This guy does not deserve to be associated in any way with Jammu and Kashmir cricket. As rightly said when he was needed then he opted to play for Delhi. Now when his career is more than over he is trying grab whatever he can from JKCA. I fail to understand who in JKCA even suggested his name for selection as a player or as a coach. Parvez is our pride, he is the one who deserves all the best from JKCA. If JK Cricket has done something good it is under his captaincy and because of his consistent performances.
    Mithun Manhas is a liability for JKCA and is destroying the team for his own gains he should be thrown our as early as they can.

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