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Former Pakistan cricketer says not only players,boards also likely involved in match fixing

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Screen grab of Rashid Latif YouTube.

Known for being one of the first cricketer to come out openly against the cricket corruption during his playing days, former Pakistan cricket team captain Rashid Latif has once again thrown out a bombshell claiming that players are only pawns in big corruption market and boards are likely involved as well.

Speaking in a Youtube video, Latif said that the boards have protected players accused of match fixing.

“The cricket boards have always given support to players accused of fixing. We always blame the players. Yes, they are involved in fixing. But are cricket authorities not to be blamed as well,” he asked.

Latif further said that ICC’s Anti-Corruption Unit only tells players to avoid certain individuals but do not take concrete steps.

“The ICC’s Anti-Corruption Unit tells players to stay away from certain individuals. But the cricketers are playing franchise cricket for teams owned by the same individuals with whom they are suggesting to stay away from. It’s a big problem,” he said.

Latif further went on to add that he will not completely blame a player for getting involved in match-fixing.

“I won’t completely blame a player for fixing. Players are just pawns, they are being utilised by the top board members. The board has a larger role to play in fixing,” he said. 

“If no member from the board is involved, then they will always punish a player. But the top officials of the boards, or some members of the boards who have been placed by political contacts, are somewhere involved, and hence, players always get protected,” he added.

“Every cricket board all over the world, have protected their players. Every country has protected their players who were found fixing matches. This is why the window of T20 cricket and franchise cricket had to be created to tell players that do whatever you want to do here, don’t do it in international cricket,” Latif went on to add.