From mere participants to title nominee’s: the dream debut of Real Kashmir FC

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Football is most loved and followed sport in the world. Everyone knows it. But where does this game stand in the subcontinent? That too is known to all. Perhaps, it’s just another struggling sport here. Majority of the people don’t see it, neither follow nor care about this game that declares the results in not more than 90-100 minutes.

Amid all this, the city of Srinagar, which is mostly known for two things- one its beauty and second, we all know, for being the centre of Kashmir, was lit up with the jubilation and jinx-breaking sign of relief. And the reason lies behind the two word-named football club, Real Kashmir.

This club, initiated just a couple of years ago, to everyone’s utter fascination, went on to dominate in India’s prime football tournament, I-League, in which all the best clubs of country take part, in its debut entry in the tourney.

The dream run for this club owned by a newspaper editor, began way back in 2nd Division I-League. They never looked back since. Produced some scintillating performances in this pre-major league, sending a strong message to the world’s second most populated country’s football fraternity.

They made the case even stronger by emerging the champions of 2nd Division, hence making it to the premier first division league.

Now, for both owners and players, the priority was to give a good performance and somehow finish somewhere middle of the points table. However, the hope, determination, desire, everything changed when this sky-touching club trounced the defending champions, Minerva FC, in the very first match.

To be continued…