‘He used to call me a C-class actor and low grade fast bowler’: Shoaib Akhtar on rivalry with Hayden

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Srinagar, April 14: Pakistan pacer Shoaib Akhtar on Tuesday opened up on his heated rivalry with Australia’s Matthew Hayden.

Akhtar revealed that Hayden used to call him C-class actor and low grade bowler.

“Me & Matthew never got on. He used to call me a C-class actor and low grade fast bowler!” Akhtar told in a podcast for. talkSPORT.

Akhtar also said that he once got into a bad fight with the Australian southpaw.

“One morning, Matthew and I were alone and we got into a real bad fight.” He said.

The duo’s rivalry is quite known in the cricketing world. They often confronted in the field, making it one of the interesting battles of that time.

Akhtar was quite lethal with the ball while Hayden too wasn’t someone who would give up easily.