‘I couldn’t sleep that day’: Samad on quarter-final loss against Karnataka

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Abdul Samad

Srinagar, April 11: J&K’s latest IPL recruit Abdul Samad has revealed that he couldn’t sleep after the loss against Karnataka in the Ranji Trophy quarter-final at Jammu.

With just 14 runs required to match Karnataka’s first-inning score, Samad was in the middle, settled and timing it well. However, all of a sudden, he tried to hit one out of the ground, resulting in a top edge and hence costing him his wicket.

The other batsmen followed and J&K finished up being so near yet so far.

“Normally I’m not someone who will think too much about a day’s play once I am off the field, but that day I just couldn’t sleep. It took me a few days to get over it. We were so near yet so far.” Samad told ESPNCricinfo in an interview.

The right-handed batsman remarked that he would win it for his team, given an opportunity arrives the next season.

“I told myself, if I’m going to be in a similar position next season, I will win the Ranji Trophy for my team.” Samad said.