I used to feel sorry for Indian team,we beat them so often:Imran Khan

KSW Staff

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Imran Khan file Pic.

Pakistan Prime Minister and former cricket team cricket team skipper Imran Khan has said that he used to feel sorry for Indian team during his days because they Pakistan beat them so often.

Imran Khan said this during live interaction with mdeia fratenity in Pakistan on Thursday while replyeing to a question regarding India Pakistan rivalry.

“I used to feel sorry for the Indian team because we beat them so often. They were under a lot of pressure. When I used to go to toss with their captain, I’d look at his face & he would be looking scared, ” Imran Khan said.

He also said that those days Pakistan didn’t had rivalry with Indian team but with West Indies that were the best side.

“Currently Indian cricket team is far better than Pakistan. But during our time we were dominating them and during that time West Indies was beating everyone. We had rivalry with West Indies and not India because they were best. I don’t think till date such team has come up in World cricket, ” He added.