‘If you’re concerned about hairstyles, movies are the right place’, Miandad tells cricketers

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Srinagar: Legendary former Pakistan cricketer Javed Miandad has suggested modern-age cricketers to not be concerned about hairstyles as then movies are the right place for them.

Miandad asserted that cricketers should be careful about what they do since young generation follow their footprints.

“Upcoming cricketers shouldn’t be concerned about their hairstyles etc and if they do, then movies are the right place for them,” Miandad was quoted as saying in a video uploaded on his official YouTube Channel.

“We never used to care how we used to look on the cricket field. But after the match ends, do whatever you want to do. Sportspersons are role models for young kids and they copy whatever their idols do. One should be careful about what kind of example they are setting for the younger fanbase,” the veteran added.