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In its seminar NIFF terms JKFA body of ‘hooligans & dictators’

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In its seminar NIFF terms JKFA body of ‘hooligans & dictators’. Pic/NIFF

Srinagar, November 21 : The rebel group of J&K Football Association (JKFA) National and International Footballers Forum (NIFF) held open seminar on Saturday, November 21 in Srinagar in which it has termed JKFA a body of ‘hooligans’ and ‘dictators’.

“NIFF J&K today organised open seminar on the development of football and how to stop wrongdoings created by few persons in the system for their own interests rather than working for the development of the game, ” a statement issued by NIFF said.

“NIFF have already approached and visited many authorities and appraised them about their illegal, corrupt and unconstitutional functioning of the present association and we hope for the positive outcome anytime soon said Chairman NIFF, ” Statement said.

The seminar was attended by many club representatives from almost all districts of Kashmir Division who expressed their emotions on downgrading of the game due to poor functioning and mismanagement of the Association, NIFF statement further said.

NIFF in the statement has also said that it’s officials held meeting with officials of JKFA in presence of some observers.

“NIFF Chairman also stated that we were also in talks with JKFA through some neutral persons for the settlement of issues and violations created by them. After certain efforts at personal level made by few members of JKFA & NIFF a meeting was held at TRC Synthetic Turf Football Stadium on 16th September 2020 in which President, Vice President, Gen Secretary, District President & Secretary of JKFA were present. Prior to the meeting it was decided that few nominated persons will act as observers of the meeting and shall record all the discussions and arguments made by both the parties. After a long and heated arguments by both the parties in respect of violations and unconstitutional functioning of the present association, President JKFA proposed to form a committee who will work according to the report of observers to streamline the association as per constitution, ” NIFF statement said.

“He himself nominated 4 members for the committee comprising of 2 members from JKFA and 2 members from NIFF. On asking for assurance for implementations of these suggestions President JKFA assured the house that he will implement all those suggestions come what may in letter and spirit. Three hours long meting ended with the same conclusion and all observers requested both the parties to stop campaigning against each other on social and print media till the matter reaches to some conclusion, ” Statement said.

The statement said that due to COVID, observers were unable to give their report early and it was only last week that report reached its office.
“Due to delay in observers report as most of the observers came Covid Positive including President JKFA, the report signed by all observers reached to our office last week in which it was clear that there are many loop holes in the functioning of the Association and many changes they have suggested to make in light of the AIFF Constitution in response to that JKFA President denied meeting them again for some health excuses. NIFF members appreciated the role of observers who outrightly highlighted the unconstitutional functioning and violations committed by present regime of JKFA and also suggested a committee to frame a road map in streamlining the association as per constitution and better development of the game, ” NIFF statement further read.

NIFF statement said that instead of implementing observers report JKFA has resorted to hooliganism and dictatorship and is harassing it’s members.

“On contrary what was decided in the meeting with observers, JKFA started harassing players, officials and NIFF representatives by imposing ban on their annual registration in various districts. In response to that NIFF took a quick stance and met several Sports Council officials and briefed regarding the matter for which we believe the Association will not be allowed to harm players anymore by their hooliganism and dictatorship approach, ” It added.