Irfan Ali slams ‘farce’ Mr Kashmir competition, resigns as President

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A well-known body building and fitness expert of Kashmir Tanveer Ali Irfan who is the President of the Body Building Association that conducted today’s Mr. Kashmir bodybuilding competition has termed competition as mockery and has announced his resignation as its President.Irfan Ali

Mr Kashmir Bodybuilding competition was held on Tuesday at Tagore Hall Srinagar in which Umar Nazir was announced as winner. However soon the competition got into controversy with another competitor Umer Farooq refusing to accept runner up trophy. He instead left stage quietly showing his non-acceptance of result.

Soon the social network media site Facebook got abuzz with the posts related to the controversial result of the event. Umer Farooq recently returned from Bangkok after getting place in Asian powerlifting championship there. According to many he is in best shape of his life and should have been the deserving winner.

Joining he displeasure and the person who did not accepted the outcome of the competition was the President of the Association itself who conducted the event.

“Being President of the Association I am disappointed and shocked with the result. The judges who have no experience of judging in such top level competition have totally done injustice. In protest I am resigning from association with immediate effect,” Irfan Ali said.

“It is mockery of the body building competition and I term it as farce. I believe the other officials of the Association had done fixing with the judges and had already decided about the outcome in advance. They are playing with the hardwork of kids and I can’t be part of the association that do injustice with deserving,” he added.