Irony: Sports Council Thang-Ta instructor busy with Pencak Silat promotion

By: Mohsin Kamal

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In a blatant violation of rules, a Sports Council Thang-ta instructor has been busy in promoting a new martial art called Pencak Silat, hurting Thang-Ta players daily practice routine.

Given the role of training Thang-ta players at Indoor Stadium Srinagar, this instructor spends most of his time in the Pencak Silat events rather than doing his primary job, the players alleged on Friday.

The individual gets a free-hand from the Council higher administration for the unknown reasons and this has been happening since last year now.

“We hardly see our instructor during classes and he is being allowed to go and join the functions, events of Pencak Silat outside State and Country from last more than a year,” one of the student who trains at stadium said.

Pencak Silat is a new martial art having its roots at Southeast Asia while Thang-Ta is a traditional Indian sport been played since years.

The said instructor has been rarely seen in the indoor stadium while been travelling across India and abroad, promoting Silat. Recently, he was seen attending All India Inter-University Pencak Silat championship at GNDU Amritsar as well.

“He seems to have lost the interest in his primary job, which is clearly visible as he hasn’t been active in training kids. The most unfortunate thing is that Sports Council is giving him a free hand in violating its terms,” a sports administrator said.