J&K U-19 squad:Nepotism continues to overpower talent

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J&K cricket association’s U-19 selectors are keeping talented players out and preferring ‘blue-eyed’ ones in the squad, players allege. The performance of J&K in the ongoing Cooch Behar multi-day tourney makes it quite visible that the team is lacking flair. Having already lost five matches out of the six played so far, both underperforming players as well as the selectors are being criticised.

“The selectors seem to be no way interested in the results of team. They send players solely on the basis of favouritism.” Faisal, a cricketer says.

Players allege that the adminstration in JKCA is also responsible as they ‘support the blue-eyed players'”How can one expect the team to do well when the players aren’t selected on merit.” He asserts.Not only the initial squad, the changes later made in the team haven’t been up to the mark, players claim. “Changes made in the team are even more surprising. Those who did well in the trials are kept out of the scene while influential ones get a go.” Adnan, another cricketer says. However, JKCA seems to be unbothered since they haven’t taken any strong visible step, which could make selectors answerable,”At least JKCA should ask its selectots about the disastrous results of team. It seems they are no way concerned.” The played opines. When contacted Imraj Thakur, one of the selectors, he said, “We didn’t get ample time to conduct trial matches before the start of multi-day tournament, so we decided to go with the good performers of the one-day trial phase.”