Kashmir Cricket Leagues: Lavish auctions, DJ’s, big entry fees, pennies for players & zero for development

BY: Ashique Hussain

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Like any other part of the India, T20 leagues seem to be becoming a trend in Kashmir as well. While it has given a flip to the cricket activities in State but it does have its downslide as well.

There is mushrooming of the T20 cricket leagues, especially in Kashmir division of the State. Almost in every part of the valley, one can notice one or the other T20 leagues going on.

While it was going that way from years but from last few seasons, it is turning into a menace that will surely have far reaching effects on the cricket development in our State. The consequences are not going to be positive but negative ones.

Lately the organizers of the events who charge big money from the teams for the entry into the leagues conduct the player’s auctions in a lavish way. The auctions are mostly conducted in top rated hotels who charge large money for the places. Then in auctions, these leagues make it look like trendy by having DJ’s, music systems, audio visuals multimedia settings, where the team owners go on to parade names of the cricketers on a big screen.

The bids come from as low as Rs 100 and go for not more than Rs 10,000.
All these years’ organizers of these leagues have forgot to work on for the development of the cricket. With the start they got and the money, one was hoping that with the passage of time, they will shift focus on development, but that has not happened, perhaps.

They are rather busy in making these leagues money-minting machines’ for themselves.
These leagues have failed to develop turf wickets and hence work for player’s an game’s development. While they spend huge money on functions, auctions, they have very small money for players and cricket development.

Ironically, the cricketers who do well in these leagues then start to call themselves ‘stars’ and want JKCA to give them automatic entry into the State teams. They fail to understand that the standard and level of cricket in these leagues is too low and can’t be the criteria to get a place in the State teams.

The irony is that the top Ranji level cricketers of State who play in these leagues have failed to raise their voices and instead participate themselves in them. Instead of setting a standard and motivate youngsters, they are just encouraging them by taking part in these leagues.