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McGrath vs Tendulkar or Akhtar vs Tendulkar: Hogg picks picks one

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Srinagar: Australian former cricketer Barad Hogg Saturday picked his favorite rivalry among Sachin Tendulkar vs Glenn McGrath and Tendulkar vs Shoaib Akhtar.

Hogg chose latter, considering the excitement that India vs Pakistan adds to it. A fan had asked him to pick one among the two.

“Sachin v McGrath a war of attrition McGrath trying to win the patience game, your in for the long haul.
Sachin v Akhtar more erratic, with Akhtar trying to blast the him out with sheer pace + it’s India v Pak, which adds a little more spice to the contest.
2nd one. #Hoggytime” He replied.

Akhtar and McGrath were known for their distinctive bowling skills and often troubled Indian great Sachin Tendulkar when they met each other on field.