Meant for sports activities, Bandipora’s lone Stadium used for political rallies

By: Mohsin Kamal

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Chairs Placed Stadium for the political Rally. Pic/KSW

Bandipora, April 6: Bandipora youth, sportspersons in particular, on Saturday expressed anger against district administration for allowing political rallies while denying sports activities in the lone proper sports stadium of the district.

Sher-e-Kashmir Stadium, located in the heart of Bandipora, is the home to all sorts of sports activities that take place in the district and is precisely the only place in the town for sportspersons to practice their skills.

As a part of regular winter call-off, the ground was paused for sports happenings in December and it has been about four months but there are no signs of its reopening.

Reportedly, due to Republic Day celebrations, the stadium was partly bruised, hence taking a lot of time for people at the helm to make it ready for the normal functioning.

However, on Saturday, a political rally addressed by People’s Conference leader, Sajjad Gani Lone was placed inside the stadium, making youth question over the pause on sports happenings.“If the ground is closed for playing purpose then how come are they(adminstration) allowing the political rallies inside it?”

Chairs Placed Stadium for the political Rally. Pic/KSW

“This simply means that political rallies matter more to them than what actually this stadium is made for,” a footballer, wishing not to be named, said.

The closure of stadium is highly effecting the daily practice of sportspersons of the district.

“We have no other appropriate place to practice. When we won’t be able to sweat it out in our stadium then how can we do well tomorrow in the state or national level events?,” Nasir Lone, a renowned cricketer of the district questioned.

Since, the holy month of Ramadan is also approaching, players are eager to make most of the remaining time, though locked stadium is acting as a blockade,

“It’s known that Ramadhan is coming soon, so this month or so is really important for us to play and practice as much as we can.”

“The long winter has already effected our rhythm and now authorities are adding to it by keeping our lone Stadium closed,” Azhar Amin, another cricketer remarked.