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Messi to help jailed Ronaldinho with legal battle with €4million

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Messi to help jailed Ronaldinho with legal battle with €4million. Pic / Agencies

Coming to the rescue of his old teammate and one time mentor, Argentina and Barcelona superstar Lionel Messi has decided to help jailed Brazil and Barcelona legend Ronaldinho in the legal battle.

Ronaldinho is facing legal charges in Paraguay after getting arrested by the Paraguayan authorities for travelling with a fake passport. He will now be helped by his former teammate and Barcelona superstar Lionel Messi.

As per reports Ronaldinho was invited to Paraguay by a local casino owner, and that he arrived last Wednesday after accepting the invite. He was supposed to take part in a soccer clinic for children and also a book launch, but as the court pressed charges against him, the judge also refused to grant the Brazilian and his brother a house arrest amid fears that he would try to escape the country due to the attention the case is getting.

Meanwhile, it is a football website 90Min has reported that Messi has rushed to the aid of the 39-year-old former footballer.

The six-time Ballon d’Or winner is reportedly determined to help his friend get out of prison by hiring four lawyers to take up his case – which in turn would cost him around €4million from his own pocket, as per basic estimation.

Ronaldinho was one of the best players in the world when Messi emerged through the youth ranks at Barcelona.

The Brazilian famously took the then youngster under his wing and laid the foundation to his development, which in turn led to a friendship which remains to this day.