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Mohammad Hafeez is not yet fully impressed with Babar Azam rise

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Mohammad Hafeez and Babar Azam. Pic PCB

Pakistan senior all-rounder Mohammad Hafeez has said that Pakistan limited overs skipper and star batsman is yet to fully reach his potential and can do better than what he has done so far.

In an interview on YouTube channel Cricast, Hafeez opined that Azam, as brilliant as he is, has not reached his full potential yet.

“Babar is a brilliant performer for Pakistan. In his five-year career for Pakistan so far, he has played some amazing cricket. However, he has yet to reach his full potential, considering his talent,” said Hafeez.

Hafeez further said that Azam was no stranger to his opinion and that the latter was in the works of elevating his game.

“He is like my younger brother and I tell him to his face that a talent like him is not where I want to see him yet. He is trying to push those barriers and I am confident that he will serve Pakistan for a long time,” the 39-year-old said.

Meanwhile, when asked of his experience of being captained by the batting star, Hafeez said that it was too early to pass a decision on that aspect of Azam’s game.

“I haven’t seen him a lot as a captain. I played only two matches under his captaincy. I can’t evaluate his captaincy until I see his personal tactics as a captain in different match situations.” he said.

“I have best wishes for him that he leads Pakistan for a long period of time and joins the list of successful Pakistan captains. It will be beneficial for him as well as Pakistan because when our top-level performer will start winning as a captain, his confidence will be even higher.”