Most of the associations in J&K run by Sports Council employees

By: Mohsin Kamal

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Floating rules with will, most of the sports Associations in J&K State are run by J&K State Sports Council employees directly or indirectly through their proxies.

State Government every year spends huge amount of money on the development of Sports through the Association recognized by the J&K State Sports Council. These associations get annual grants apart from various other monetary help for national, state district level events and coaching camps.

Around 52 associations are recognized by J&K State Sports Council and they get all such facilities. Most of these associations are either run by Sports Council Employees directly or through their proxies which in most cases are relatives and dear ones. Apart from getting monetary help from Sports Council they also charge huge sum of money from players and in various cases from the students who intend to sit in various competitive examinations.

“This is big nexus and has been running from years. For sometime Sports Employees stopped to be directly involved with these associations but then they found their ways to stay in. They are running these nexus in collaboration with certain clerical staff in Council,” said a senior sports administration.

Another senior player said that it is visible in Council who is running which association a single person is holding multiple associations under them.

“These people are running multiple associations. They have kept proxies as their heads and then run everything themselves at ground level. If tomorrow a proper vigilance enquiry is done on the happenings of Sports Council I am sure that each and everyone in Council will find themselves in trouble,” he said.

A senior sports administration said that they are destroying sports in J&K and that is visible with the performance of State players at National level.

“They are only after money. They are making this loot two ways. On one hand they are getting Government money and on other hand also sell certificates. Everyone in Sports Council knows this and it is being allowed to run smoothly. That is the reason J&K is far behind when Olympic discipline sports is concerned at National and International level,” he said.