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Moving Asia Cup to accommodate IPL ‘unacceptable’, says PCB

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Srinagar, April 24: Recently indefinitely postponed Indian Premier League (IPL) can’t be accommodated by moving Asia Cup, Pakistan Cricket Board said on Friday.

There have been deliberations that IPL might be held in September-October window, which is also the planned schedule for upcoming Asia Cup.

To make sure Asia Cup doesn’t get postponed due to IPL, PCB CEO Wasim Khan said only reason that could move the schedule of tournament is coronavirus.

“Our stance is absolutely clear, the Asia Cup is set for September and the only reason it should not take place is continued health safety issues. We will not accept that the Asia Cup is moved to accommodate the IPL,” Khan said on GTV News Channel.

“I have heard that there is talk to move the Asia Cup to November-December but for us that is not possible. If you move the Asia Cup you are making way for one member nation and that is not right and it will not have our support,” he said.