No groupism in team,please don’t target families,says Mohammad Hafeez

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Mohammad Hafeez. Pic ICC

Pakistan senior cricketer Mohammad Hafeez has made it clear that there are no groupings in Pakistan cricket team and fans shouldn’t target families of players after defeat.

“Whenever we lose, these stories of groupings start. We beat England there were no stories of groupings, we lose to India & these stories of groupings in the squad start. We are one, we are united, we are all Pakistanis, we all care about each other, ” Hafeez was quoted saying saying.

He termed all those theories as rubbish and said, “All these stories of trouble within the squad are rubbish. The reality is that we simply have not played well enough as a team & all the players need to take responsibility for this”.

He said that it is wrong to target families of players when team suffer defeat,”My sympathies are with all the players whose families were targeted due to their performances & I feel such things should not happen. Whether we win or lose, we are all together as a country and a nation and we should use better words towards each other”.