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‘No one could pick his doosra’: Harbhajan Singh on Saqlain Mushtaq

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Harbhajan and Saqlain

Srinagar, April 26: Indian cricketer Harbhajan Singh Saturday lavished praise on veteran Pakistan spinner, Saqlain Mushtaq, saying his ‘doosra’ was hard to pick.

Saqlain is known for introducing ‘doosra’, the off-spinner’s delivery that turns away from the right-hander. With a number of variations at his disposal, he was quite tough to be picked by even some of the best.

Hailing the spinner, Harbhajan, who was also good at ‘doosra’, said Saqlain was a true match-winner.

“Saqi bhai was class, he was a class bowler, a great bowler. No one could pick the doosra he bowled and he was a true match-winner. He would often bowl between the 45th and 50th over and invariably pick a couple of wickets and win the match for his team,” Harbhajan said.

Many spinners, including Harbhajan, have taken the inspiration from Saqlain. The Pakistan cricketer is now into coaching and has pulled off some tremendous results in his post-retirement career as well.