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Pakistan cricket team taking motivation from Ertugrul

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Pakistan team and Ertugrul poster. Pic/Twitter

Srinagar, Aug 21: Pakistani cricket team skipper Azhar Ali has said that Turkish hit serial Dirilis -Ertugrul is keeping players busy in the bubble and it is keeping them motivated for the matches.

Speaking to reporters via teleconference, Azhar said that players are getting motivation by watching Ertugrul ahead of the third Test.

“There is hardly any player who is not watching Ertugrul,” said Azhar when asked if players are taking motivation from Ertugrul.

“I think we have quality options in the side who can win us the last Test,” Azhar said about coming back and levelling the series.

“Our bowlers have bowled really well so far and we are confident that they will continue their form. As far as batsmen are concerned, so they last batted strongly in tough conditions here,” he said.

About his own performance “I know my performance wasn’t good in last matches but I will try to come up strongly,”.

“Asad is a match-winner and I am confident that he will gain his form as soon as possible,” Azhar Ali reiterated upon being asked.

About playing xi he said, “The pitch has been covered for last two days due to weather. We will decide to play XI after watching the pitch,”.