Pakistan-India series would be terrible right now: Imran Khan

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Imran Khan file pic. Pic/PCB

Srinagar, Aug 18: Pakistan Prime Minister and former Cricketer Imran Khan has voiced his opinion about the India-Pakistan cricket series at present and has said that would be a terrible idea.

He was quoted as saying that series at current juncture would be a “terrible” idea due to the hostilities between the countries, an excerpt from Sky Sports’ Out of Exile documentary has revealed.

“Right now, playing cricket in this atmosphere with this sort of [Indian] government in power, I would imagine it would be a terrible atmosphere on the cricket ground,” he was quoted as saying.

India-Pakistan last played in a bilateral series in 2012 when India hosted the neighbours for two T20I and three ODIs.

The former cricketer also shared a few drastically different cricket experiences against India to make his point. 

“I played two series in India. One in 1979 when the two governments were trying to come close. I can’t tell you how wonderful the atmosphere was on the cricket field. Big crowds,” he recalled.

“The next time I went was in 1987 and this time, there was tension between the two governments. I saw hostility in India which I had never seen before. Our players were being pelted from the ground and I made them wear helmets while fielding at the boundary. It wasn’t a very good atmosphere on certain grounds.”

“When India came to Pakistan in 2005, again the governments were trying to get close. I never thought I would see on a cricket ground what happened. Pakistan lost to India in Pakistan and the crowds cheered the Indian team. Great atmosphere.”

Imran Khan also compared a Pak-India series to that of the highly acclaimed the Ashes which is played between England and Australia. 

“There’s nothing quite like the Ashes for the English. But Pakistan-India series is just in a different league in terms of tension, pressure, and enjoyment,” he said.