PDP–BJP Govt. time deputations still prevalent in Sports Council

KSW Desk

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The large scale deputations from other Government departments and Public Sector Units into J&K State Sports Council during PDP-BJP Government are still prevalent in current Sports Council Administration.

Sports Council has failed to announce the list of the selected candidates for various posts whose interview was held two years back but at the same time continue to engage person on deputation.

During the previous PDP-BJP lead Government in J&K State number of deputations were made in Sports Council with the tag that it will strengthen staff strived Sports Council. To some extent it was true but then the real picture was something else the people who came on deputations occupied mostly ‘custom made’ executive posts while as the situation of lack of staff at ground level remained same.

The persons who got on deputation in sports council were mostly politically backed and came into Council for the benefit of their own self rather than Council.

During the time when Government existed in State, they were at the helm of most affairs in Council with original staff being forced into background.

The idea of bringing them in Council failed completely with no ground level change. As they mostly occupied executive offices in various offices of council across State it didn’t yielded any results in the development of the Sports.

Some of these persons were seen mostly busy in making new money minting projects while as some were seen projecting themselves as saviors of sports by doing nothing. They were mostly centered about self promotion and pleasing the high authorities.

Even at district level the person who were brought on deputation basis have been seen engaging in other activities that benefit them personally rather than sports in general.

“After the fall of the Government one expected current Sports Council officers to relieve these persons from the deputation but that didn’t happened. While Council is busy in entertaining them it has failed to make list public of the person who were interviewed for the various posts advertised by the Council. If they are staff starved and need person then better would have been to announce the list for which interviews and other formalities were already done,” said a known sports administrator.

One of the aspirant said that Sports Council is hub of corruption as it has failed to announce the list despite repeated assurances given.

“These people who are there on deputation are drawing huge salaries while as the post that were highlighted will not match them. In one salary of these person Sports Council can engage multiple person from this list. It is total scam as these person have done nothing and are there just occupying the big chairs,” he said.

Aspirants have also appealed Governor J&K to launch investigation into the happenings of Sports Council during last three years.