‘Regional-dominance’, ‘Nepotism’ hits JKCA U-19 probable list

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A group of players and known cricket pundits lashed on selectors for ‘unfair’ selection as a lot of deserving players have been left out of 62-men U-19 probable list.

Rep pic/A glimpse of U-19 trials

Rep pic/A glimpse of U-19 trials

The shortlist was announced following a 4-day trial camp held at SK, Stadium Srinagar. Though a lot of  players featuring the list haven’t reportedly even attended the full camp,

“Plenty of shortlisted players weren’t even present during the whole camp. How is it justified? Isn’t it injustice done to players who attended the camp for all four days?” a player who participated in the trials said.

The shortlist comes to be hit by ‘nepotism’ as well,

“There is son of a known politician in the shortlist and a lot more influenced undeserving players as well. These are the things that stop the growth of our cricket,” another player said.

In another shocker, the list features more than 40 players from Srinagar while not even 5 from North Kashmir,

“Among 62 players, there are around 45 players from Srinagar while just 4 from North Kashmir. Shall we call it Srinagar Cricket Association or Jammu and Kashmir Cricket Association?” a known cricket expert said.

It is not the first time when JKCA has came under controversies of nepotism during selection trials.  Improvements were expected after Supreme Court appointed administrators took over JKCA but nothing of that has been witnessed as of yet.