Sky Running on Mount Mahadev

Nawab Moazam Khan

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Standing tall at 3966 meters above sea level, Mount Mahadev located in the Zabarwan range is the highest peak of District Srinagar. Visible from most parts of the Srinagar city, Mt Mahadev commands a Panoramic view of Dachigam and Dagwan areas, Zabarwan range, Harmukh range, Tral, Srinagar, etc.

On Sunday, April 21, Tufail Qureshi and I set out early morning to sky run this peak in the least possible time. We started from our Srinagar at around 7 AM in the morning and in an hour’s time reached the starting point on the trek (Scholars School, Fakirgujri Daraa).

We started our trek at 7:55 AM and after 2 river crossings and 2 bridge crossings, we reached Bobjan at around 9:20 AM after crossing Digwas and Darawani . From Bobjan onwards we encountered snow all the way up to the summit of Mt Mahadev. After another hour of exhilarating climb, negotiating the Wowur Gali and Burziwas Gali we entered into the Lidwas.


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