Soumya Sarkar first ever batsman to review for a clean Bowled

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Bangladesh players who are quite known for their uncanny early celebrations had a mess later on as the latest incident saw Soumya Sarkar taking a review when he got beaten all ends up in the second innings of the first test against Sri Lanka.

While since the inception of DRS a review used for a clean bowled was never heard off and one couldn’t have imagined a batsman would take it, but making all the assumptions apart Soumya Sarkar became the first ever batsman in the history of the game to use a review for being bowled.

Soumya Sarkar went for a review after getting clean bowled. Credits:

The horrifying and historic incident happened during the first test against Sri Lanka on Day 5 in the second innings when Asela Gunaratne struck the off stump of Soumya Sarkar. With the umpire’s finger raised up, in no time Soumya Sarkar went up for a shocking review.

It might be a brain fade from Soumya Sarkar of what as happened before what he made a mess of reviewing a clean bowled, it not only took the spectators and players by surprise but also Sarkar after realising what has happened and what he has done.

Although in the same test Subashis Roy’s early celebration has gone viral as he started to celebrate the wicket of Kusal Mendis and only found to make of mess of the incident without noticing Mustafizur Rahman crossed the boundary.

Meanwhile, it’s time for Bangladesh players to have match awareness of what was going around than going along with emotions or going with their predetermined actions. But at the end of the day, it looks horrifying and embarrassing for the same players for their immature behaviour on the field.