Sports Council planning to conduct ‘Marathon’ run on a cost of Rs: 35.55 Lakhs

By: Mohsin Kamal

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In a another bizarre proposal and that is fast becoming norm with J&K State Sports Council, the Kashmir wing of the sports body has proposed to conduct run in Srinagar on a cost of more than Rupees 35 lakhs.

The proposal has been forwarded by Sports Officer Kashmir to Secretary J&K State Sports Council on the directions of latter on April 10.

The proposal subject reads, Conduct of marathon race from Grand Lalit Palace to Botanical Garden on 20-04-2019.

“Kindly refer to the subject cited above. In this regard as per your directions a proposal for conduct of Marathon Race for 10,000 participants  (boys and Girls) of various age groups from Grand Lalit palace to Botanical Garden on 20-04-2019 for an amount of Rs:35,55,260. The proposal is submitted for further necessary action at your end,” letter by Sports Officer Kashmir to Secretary JKSSC reads.

Lately, the JKSSC has forgot its main and rule of formation and has jumped itself into conducting the activities as it involves huge amount of money. All the internal events conducted by JKSSC have been regularly organized on huge sum of money with all the parties in JKSSC getting benefits.

“They have forgotten their primary role of conducting coaching camps through their coaches and also keeping an eye on the activity of various associations. Instead they are now itself conducting events as it involves money and they can’t miss the opportunity of earning something out of it,” said a known sports administrator who wished not be named.

“The current proposal has been pushed for more than 35 lakhs and they say will involve 10,000 participants. Who will count the number of participants on a given day and who will confirm what they got and what not? It is just a way to loot Public Money,” he added.

Another former athlete laughed at the term Marathon used for a distance from Lalit Grand Palace to Botanical Garden.

“What should now get it clear that JKSSC is place of useless bunch of people who even don’t know what Marathon is. The Marathon is a distance of 42-kilomtre in athletics while as this proposed distance is of less than 4-kilometres. It is clearly a drama for looting money,” he said.