THE DEADMAN: The Undertaker hints about his retirement from WWE

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WWE Wrestling legend who is an icon, The Deadman, The Undertaker has hinted about his potential retirement from professional Wrestling.

The Undertaker turned 55 this year and at Survivor Series in November, he will have been in the WWE for 30 years. With age catching up and his movements not as agile and quicker as it used to be there has been questions whether legend should have continued or should have called it a day long back.

Though he wrestles only once a year or from last few years in Saudi Arabia but the fans want legend to retire. Even The Undertaker knows this truth and he has hinted about his potential retirement in an interview recently. He has revealed how he wants to leave.

In an interview with, the Phenom said he wants to go out on top if possible.

“When you’re thinking of the old school Undertaker, that’s not a character that comes down to the ring and says, ‘Thank you for being with me for 30 years. It’s been a great career. I want to thank…’ That’s not what that guy does if you’re being true to the character and what people want to see.

“I’ve had this amazing career, I’ve been so blessed to have this career and far exceeded the expectations of when I got in this business. But I kind of want the John Elway ending, you know? The John Elway ending, when he went out and he won a couple of Super Bowls and then retired. Or Peyton Manning, he wins the Super Bowl, then retired.

“When I’m looking at it, I want that match, that match when it’s just like, ‘Oh yeah. Bam. I still got it. I got gas in the tank, I tore it down. Now walk away