The Rock admits he misses Wrestling,Connection with audience

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The Rock. Pic WWE Twitter

One of the best ever and most popular wrestler to step foot in the professional wrestling arena turned Hollywood actor, The Rock has admitted that he misses Wrestling.

Dwayne Johnson or popularly known as The Rock is amoung the highest paid actors in the World currently but he has admitted he misses wrestling and touch with audience.

The Rock admitted he misses wrestling while answering fan questions on Instagram Live (h/t Marc Middleton of Wrestling Inc):

“I do miss wrestling. “I love wrestling. I loved professional wrestling. I loved it. Here’s what I loved about it. I loved creating with the pro wrestlers that I had great chemistry with, but the thing I miss the most about professional wrestling is just being able to connect with an audience every night. Every night was just a showcase. I didn’t give a s–t about being, as many of you know if you followed my career in pro wrestling, I didn’t give a s–t about being the biggest guy, the strongest guy, the loudest guy, the toughest guy, the guy who won all the time, the guy who was the craziest and jumped off the top of the cage, and moonsaults, and all that s–t… no, but by the way, there’s a purpose for those guys by the way and many of those guys are my friends. I just always cared about connecting with an audience, that was really the most important thing for me, so I do miss that part about pro wrestling, because there’s nothing like it. And there’s nothing like being able to listen to an audience, I love it.

“But I do miss that, but also the wrestling business has changed, really dramatically since I was in it. Not to say that it’s changed for the worse or for the better, it’s just different, and I still follow it and I have a lot of love and respect for all the men and the women who continue to put their bodies on the line and by the way, it’s crazy that they’re continuing to put their bodies on the line through this pandemic. They’re just working hard and just wrestling, and sweating on each other, and just doing all this, but all in the name of entertaining the fans, which I think is always cool, because wrestling has always had this adaptability to it, that was always very cool. So, I do… thanks for asking me about that.”

Though it looks unlikely that The Rock will step back in the ring, but if he plans to do so then WWE or AEW would break the bank to rope him in. With is acting career flourishing their looks no chance of that.

The Rock turns 48 next month. For as great of shape as he’s in, it’s better to just leave the memories alone and allow him to go out on his own terms.