The Undertaker prevails over Goldberg in battle of legends

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The Undertaker and Goldberg at Super Show Down. Pic WWE.

The match may have been lone overdue but the two legends tried their best to give their best in the match when they finally met in Jeddah Saudi Arabia.

On paper, it was obvious that somebody had to win the first-ever battle between the Undertaker and Goldberg.But until Goldberg finally suffered a chokeslam from which he was unable to rise, it seemed possible, even likely, that the match would simply end in a draw, a referee stoppage or some kind of stalemate-adjacent rule that would rob the WWE Universe of a decisive victor. Though at the very least, such a ruling would have stopped the two men from beating each other beyond the point of no return.

Even with just one week to talk up the match, it was abundantly clear for both Superstars that the first-time-ever clash was matter of pride for the former Monday Night War stalwarts. So, of course, The Deadman was going to sit up after suffering two Spears, kick out of a Jackhammer, and turn back the clock with a textbook Old School to the former Universal Champion. And, likewise, of course Goldberg was going to take The Phenom’s best shots, get in his foe’s face to start the match, wrench his way free of a chokeslam, and continue to fight, despite getting the worst of a missed charge to the corner.

It was, in every sense of the word, a war of attrition, one that would only end when one man made a mistake. Goldberg, perhaps growing somewhat desperate, was the one to do so, attempting a Tombstone Piledriver that he was unable to complete. When Undertaker made it back to his feet, he quickly ensnared his opponent by the throat, drilled him to the mat with a thunderous Chokeslam, and that was that. Another one in the history books, and another lesson painfully learned. Who’s next, who’s last; it doesn’t matter. The bell tolls for them all.

Courtesy :WWE