Transferred this ‘corrupt’ Sports Council official is trying hard to get back

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 Having being transferred by the Governor Administration on the multiple complaints of corruption this J&K State Sports Council –Official is trying his hard to get back on the prime post he held for number of years.

Sports Council last month transferred senior clerical official from the main office on the orders of Governor Administration. As per reports the order was issued on the basis of multiple complaints against the official.

After lobbying hard in Sports Council and Civil Secretariat for around two weeks this official finally joined his new post of placement. However, after seeing the dust settling down, this official has again moved to Jammu to lobby again.

“This official was base of the corruption in Sports Council and it was great decision taken by Governor Administration to move him out. He didn’t joined the new post and tried to lobby hard in Civil Secretariat to revoke the order. But that didn’t work and he had to join the new placement,” said sports Council source.

“Now as the dust has settled he has again moved to Jammu to get the new order and move back to main Sports Council office. There is nexus between number of Association and this person and with his transfer there corrupt work has got effected. Not only that he is also involved in number of other scams that has put stigma on the overall work of Sports Council as corrupt body. If he gets back then it would be proven that Sports Council is also involved,” Sources added.