Tussle between ICC and BCCI,forces postponement of decision on T20 World Cup

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Shashank Manohar and Saurav Ganguly. Pic Twitter

A heated argument between ICC and BCCI over the breach of confidentiality owing to email leaks in media forced postponement of decision regarding T20 World Cup 2020.

A decision on the matter, which would have most likely seen the event postponed to next year, however, never materialised. Instead, the subject of discussion veered over to the “issue of confidentiality”, into which an independent investigation, overseen by the ICC’s ethics officer has now been launched.

The ICC was also due to discuss the process to finalise a new chairman, with the incumbent Shashank Manohar’s term on its last legs. Manohar is reportedly not interested in seeking a third term, though he is eligible to do so.