Umar Akmal officially makes it to the list of idiots:Ramiz Raja

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Umar Akmal officially makes it to the list of idiots:Ramiz Raja . Pic Twitter

Former Pakistan captain Ramiz Raja has said that Umar Akmal who was handed three year ban for match fixing on Monday by Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has officially joined the list of idiots and the cricketer turned expert is pushing for harsher sentence for corrupt cricketers.

Umar Akmal was from all forms of cricket for three years after pleading guilty to failing to report match-fixing approaches, the country’s cricket board announced.

“Umar Akmal handed three-year ban from all cricket by Chairman of the Disciplinary Panel Mr Justice (retired) Fazal-e-Miran Chauhan,” read the tweet from PCB.

“So Umar Akmal officially makes it to the list of idiots! Banned for 3 years. What a waste of a talent! It’s high time that Pakistan moved towards passing a legislative law against match fixing. Behind bars is where such jack a***s belong! Otherwise brave for more!!”, Ramiz Raja tweeted while welcoming the move.

Ramiz has asked for harsh penalties on cricketers involved in any form of corruption.

“Jail time could be a useful deterrent Pommie, possibly the last resort!! It’s like fighting covid 19, all will have to pitch in to save the cricket world: Fans, Boards, stake holders,law enforcement agencies, You & I, ” In another Tweet Raja said.

“You ask me I would say these tainted cricketers should open their grocery shops. I have no doubt that giving concession to big names also damaged Pakistan cricket,” Raja had said, referring to Amir.

“There is once again talks of redrafting Sharjeel Khan into the team which is not right and can damage Pakistan cricket,” he further said.