War of Words Hots Up: NIFF alleges mismanagement of funds by JKFA

KSW Staff

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NIFF meeting. Pic/KSW

Srinagar, July 1: The war of words between two factions of football in J&K has started to hot up as National and International Footballers Forum (NIFF) has acused football governing body of J&K Football Association (JKFA) embezzling funds.

NIFF has issued a statement in which it has alleged that JKFA has embezzled the funds that it got on various occasions from various organisations including Government.

“An emergency meeting of NIFF was held to take necessary action against the issues of embezzlement in funds in Mufti Memorial League and Khelo India which was conducted by JKFA during the 2017-2018 season, ” NIFF statement issued by its working comittee Chairman Bashir Ahmad Malik reads.

NIFF in the statement has said that JKFA is body of all and is not property of few.
“JKFA is an organization that is there for the welfare of all footballing entities such as clubs, academies, players, coaches, spectators. It is not a personal property of anyone one or few individuals. This is an organisation which is made by players, clubs and the footballing fraternity and they have every right to ask people whom they have chosen to run the affairs of football and demand answers relating to itit, ” NIFF statement said.

In the statement NIFF has said that NIFF was created with the purpose of making sure that few selfish desire driven people in the organisation of JKFA will not be allowed to destroy the game anymore and held accountable for the all the mis-
management and corruption within the organization.

“The job of this forum is to develop football in all parts of J&K and bring back its lost glory.
The game of football has always had great potential to flourish in J&K and was becoming a small industry where all people associated with the game like coaches, referees, players, administrators etc could have made their careers and earned their livelihood out of this profession. But astonishingly nothing has been left for anyone as the sport has gone through its worst phase due to the poor and unethical governance by JKFA President and few other members who have no knowledge, vision or the will to work and lack of creativity to create structures due to which the new generation of players have lost interest in the game as well as the once loyal spectators who have stopped following the game in number, ” NIFF statement said.

“Stakeholders of football in J&K have every right to question the organisation of JKFA of how much money they have received for the welfare of football from various quarters. But it seems as per many documents disclosed over the period of time which have shown huge frauds in preparing the accounts for Mufti Memorial Football Tournament and Khelo India where JKFA has shown huge amounts being spent in districts which is far from being true as none of the district representatives have received any amount mentioned by JKFA accounts. Huge amounts of money as such Rs.60 Lakh received in Khelo India and Rs 1 crore (advance) received in Mufti Memorial tournament in the name of 22 districts of J&K but nothing has been paid of that to any districts in two years now. Football has no chance to grow till these corrupt people hold power in JKFA and continue to take the funds which are actually meant for the players especially in districts who have been ignored by them since ages, ” Statement further reads.

NIFF in the statement further has alleged that JKFA is using fake statements to divert issue from the serious issue of fraud.

“By using fake statements JKFA President and Secretary are now trying to divert these serious issues of fraud to baseless allegations on setups like SFA. There is no truth in the statement by JKFA about SFA. NIFF has confirmed that no order or money has been sanctioned by Sports Council against that proposal which is being falsely spread by JKFA. Sports Council and Sports Administrative Department doors are opened for everyone. It’s just a matter of one day to confirm whether any money has been received by SFA on account of districts. If it even carries any reality NIFF would be the first one to take up this issue.With these false and baseless statements JKFA is trying to divert attention from the grave issues of fraud and mismanagement which they are primarily responsible for events such as Mufti Memorial Football Tournament and Khelo India Funds and also over the last 6 years they have also received huge funds for football development from various departments and organizations like J&K Bank, J&K Police, J&K PDC. In one case JKFA unconstitutionally sanctioned Rs.15 Lakhs for one particular private club whereas other
clubs are financially struggling for grant of even Rs.1000 from JKFA. Where has all this money gone which was suppose to develop football but instead we are suffering from a period where football tends to get extinct soon and is currently in its worst phase while JKFA have looted this money for football development for their own sensesense, ” Statement further reads.