Watch: For Hashim Amla Ramadan is best month of year

By: KSW Staff

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The South African run machine Hashim Amla has said that month of Fasting (Ramadan) is great month of the year for him and he always look for it.

Asked about the Cricket World Cup falling during month of Ramadan and does he fast during it, he said, “Yeah it really helps my condition. Fasting is something I always look forward to and it’s the best month of the year for me”.

Elaborating further he said that fasting during play and training helps him mentally as well as spiritually.

“When you play cricket during the time, especially during training, physically you fell lot thirsty and hungry. But it is really a great mental exercise and also a spiritual exercise,” Amla said. Amla is devout Muslim and is known to fast during his time with team if the month Ramadan is around.