We Train To Enhance Our Survivability, says Ashfaq Wani of Kashmir Combatives

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“We study violence so as to escape it, prevent it, and if all else fails, utilize it ourselves to survive.” – Defence Lab

We educate our students about SELF-PROTECTION and train them to pre empt, countermeasure and fight back while surviving and winning any kind of potential or imminent threat. It ain’t about sports, traditions or getting laced with medals. Its about enhancing your SURVIVABILITY!

The cold hard truth is that traditional & sports-based martial arts do not prepare you for the realities of violence in the 21st century especially when your life is on the line.

Real violence is nothing like what you see in movies or competitive martial art tournaments. Its brutal, tough, scary and usually over in an instant.

Martial Art athletes need not to mistake sports and traditional routines with SELF DEFENSE. They are whole together a different bargain.

They both differ in training and mindset. One trains you to earn trophies and medals and the other trains you to protect yourself and earn your life back in any violent situation.

We believe people are different with different passions and goals. If you’re training martial arts particularly for tournaments, thats cool as long as competition is the only objective.

If you’re training in any traditional martial art form, that’s also cool as long as its for the love of the art only. But once you start training sports or traditional forms for SELF DEFENSE that is when you put yourself and your loved ones in danger and become most vulnerable!!!

A violent sociopathic criminal doesn’t care about your belts, medals or sportsmanship! Honestly, neither do we!

Violence is ugly, Training must be uglier. We train our students to be better at violence than their attackers.

Thats how you win and thats how you survive!

We believe Kashmiris alongside with medals need a reality based combat training to protect their life, honour, property and loved ones in the conflict zone of Kashmir!

Moreover, we’re not affiliated to any political or ‘sports martial art’ association. We respect all combat sports and recognised martial arts associations in Kashmir. We hope they’re doing good in their respective fields but with us TRUTH and REALISM are the goals!!



Director: Kashmir Combatives Certified Krav Maga /JKD Instructor.