What SFA, SCA of Sports Council are doing?

By: Mohsin Kamal

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While J&K State Sports Council is plagued in multiple issues related to conduct of various Sports Association and its officials, there is big question mark on the working of newly created State Football Academy (SFA) and State Cricket Academy (SCA).

Both the academies were created during the time of former Secretary sports council, Waheed Ur Rehman Parra and were termed as future of J&K cricket and Football. The academies were launched amid fanfare with a lot of money being pumped in both. For running the academies, Sports Council even brought in extra man-power on deputation basis from other departments and Public sector units of State.

Initially, during the time of Parra both academies ran their affairs and conducted various activities that involved huge amount of money. However, there is no visible sign of both academies at ground level currently and there hasn’t been any watchful event organised by them either from quite some time.

The officials on deputations, for whom special posts were created in these academies, have been busy in conducting other activities rather than training for which SFA and SCA were created.

“It is irony that despite of lot of money used there is no outcome and ground level existence of both these academies. They have been almost defunct from last more than 6 months and still the person who got on deputations for the purpose are holding their jobs,” said a senior sportsperson.

Another sportsperson said that while top officials of SCA are mostly in Jammu for reasons better known, the top official of SFA have left and is training private club in Mumbai.
“What can one expect when the person who was given helm of the SFA has left and is associated with private club in Mumbai on lucrative contract. In his absence, SFA has gone almost defunct while the current officials are only busy in conducting tournaments rather than training. SCA have same issue as its top brass is busy in mostly forming plans and holding meetings,” it said.