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Wisden Collection:The Pakistani fast-bowling videos you need right now

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When it came to fast bowlers and fast bowling action, Pakistan has long history of producing World Class, World Beaters fast bowlers. From Imran Khan To Wasim Akram, Waqar Younis To Shoaib Akhtar and now to new progeny Naseem Shah Pakistan is non stop factory of fast bowlers.

Wisden Cricket Almanak digital version that website have chosen some of the fast bowling YouTube videos for its fans that are must watch.

They have even provided the comentary it’s version that we here reproduce as it is.

Here is follows :

Stuck at home, slouched on the couch and craving some sort of cricket action?

Well, this may be the adrenaline boost you so desperately need. As it’s the 28th anniversary of Pakistan’s momentous 1992 Cricket World Cup win, we may as well as celebrate that incredible species: the Pakistani fast bowler.

We’ve gone down all the alleyways of YouTube and picked out a few clips that’ll have you sprinting around the house thinking you’re Akhtar in his pomp.

Let’s begin with the trademark Waqar Younis Yorker. Bustling run-up, out then in through reverse swing, and then the stumps rattle. The footage is grainy, sure, but you’ll probably struggle to spot the ball in HD, too.


This one probably tops it, though. You can feel the pace.
Keen for the nostalgia of ’92? This will most certainly do the job, summing up the mastery of Wasim Akram.The highlight is without a doubt the iconic Lamb & Lewis wickets. Skip to 3:49 for that wicked sorcery.

Of course, before Waqar and Wasim came the great Imran, hopping in from wide of the crease with the most rhythmic of actions. 

Nevertheless, the quickest of them all was Shoaib Akhtar. The lengthy run-up was always worth the wait. 

Finally, let’s finish with one for the future. Naseem Shah’s just 17 years old and he’s already got himself a Test hat-trick. You’ll be seeing a lot more of him in the coming years.