WWE wrestler Jimmy Uso arrested again for DUI in Florida

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WWE wrestler Jimmy Uso arrested again for DUI in Florida. Pic Twitter

As per TMZ report the WWE wrestler Jimmy Uso has been arrested once again for driving while under the influence (DUI) of alcohol in Florida.

The arrest took place at 3.04am this morning (July 25), but it is not clear what Jimmy’s blood alcohol level was at time of arrest. He is reportedly still behind bars on a bond of $1,000.

This is Uso’s second arrest of the past year, having been arrested for disorderly conduct in February after allegedly getting into an altercation with police. This matter was resolved in March with Uso pleading no contest and paying a $450 fine.

The timing of Uso’s arrest is a tad ironic, as John Cena joked about the brothers being arrested in a promo at the Raw Reunion show.

Uso gave a shout out to Hillsborough County in Florida, where he was also arrested in 2013 for a DUI.