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Abid Pathan: Man behind success of some top cricketers in JK

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Cricketers never groom at home, but it’s the environment they play in that build them. In J&K everybody is aware of the conditions , but despite all odds some people work for the sports and development of players.abid pathan

An example of such inspiration is one and only Abid Pathan- the manager of Valley’s top cricket club ACC. He has been there guiding players from long and some of his masterpieces are enough to snub you. As per claim by Abi, J&K emerging sensation Manzoor Pandav was first introduced by this guy to the club cricket. The highest scorer for J&K in this year’s Ranji Trophy Ahmad Banday too is the part of ACC. Number third is the tall Umer Nazir who is considered as the one for the future. Also, the only player from #Ganderbal to have played top level cricket Sayim Mustafa made it there by guidance of this guy. All of these were mere local players before they enetered to ACC and guys like Abid Pathan guided them. Kudos to guys like Pathan who work for the development of game and players.